Dublin – an ancient city

Yesterday I spent the day walking again, and now feel that I know my way around…I must look like I know my way around as well, as three people asked me for directions! And one of them I was able to assist.

I visited Trinity College and saw the Book of Kells and the Long Room – the library. I soaked up the ambience of a working university with such an ancient history. In the same vein I visited St Patrick’s Cathedral and Christ Church – again, both ancient cathedrals which carry the history and story of Christian Ireland.

Using the hop-on, hop-off bus I saw remnants of Viking Dublin and medieval Ireland, both of which could stand some further exploration, but chances are I won’t have time!

To fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge, in a digestible way, I downloaded Rutherford’s novel, Dublin, in the hope that this will let me get into the psyche of Ireland. I read his London, and found it quite fascinating.

Today I will get out and about again, as it seems that the weather remains conducive to walking. I’m hoping that by the end of the week my jeans will be too big for me!

I’ll try later to upload some photos from my iPad. Technology is not really my friend; we seem to play a cat and mouse game, and have a relationship that is not based on trust!

I went back and confronted the guys who sold me a dodgy phone, and they happily replaced it – with what can only be described as another dodgy phone! Sorry Samsung! It seems I’m too wedded to my iPhone to consider another! Just can’t figure out how it works…hopefully this morning I might be able to make a phone call on it!



About Judith Gardiner

I'm a pilgrim, a traveller, a tourist! I'm on a journey of life, and my life is like a rich and varied garden, with new growth, blooms and even some weeds which I keep trying to eradicate! I'd like people to read my blog and feel positive about life and the earth we share. The world is a place of good news stories and experiences we can share.
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2 Responses to Dublin – an ancient city

  1. redgarden says:

    Not too sure about the map reading! The problem is more to do with the ageing eyes…can’t seem to read the small print! I have a tendency to go around in circles, with the net result being I work twice as far…good exercise! I am keen to hear of your adventures. Enjoy!

  2. Jennifer Grice says:

    All those great geography skills must be coming in handy with map reading. Glad all is going well. Continue to enjoy. At last the day I leave for Spain. Stay safe and happy. love Jen.

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