More walking

Walking, walking…I’m rather hopeful that my jeans will all be too big for me soon. I do feel fitter, which is good.

Yesterday was spent out sightseeing, taking photos of the architecture (which I find really interesting), and a bit of shopping. I bought a pair of boots, and might go back to the shops this morning!

During yesterday, more of the people who will be doing this Pilgrimage began to arrive in the hotel – it was good to see them. A few of us – those not suffering jet lag – went out to dinner. The food and wine were both good. Sr Anne Hetherington had launched her book yesterday too, and that proved to be a great gathering of Sisters of Mercy and others at Mercy International.

I also trekked around looking for someone to fix my wireless keyboard, to no avail. Because it is three years old apparently, one can’t expect that it has any life left in it, despite the fact that it is a sealed unit requiring only three batteries. However, Ron tells me this morning that all I need to fix it is a small piece of alfoil, as the problem resides with the contact for the batteries. So now I’m off in search of something as simple as aluminium foil.

Siobhan is having her 30th birthday party tonight in Brisbane. To think, 30 years ago (well, her birthday is not till the 16th) I would be in Dublin and she would be traveling to New York for her birthday. I’m glad I’m here, and very grateful, but wish I could be there to give her a big hug!

Jenny and Doug have named their new baby – Elizabeth Frances! Beautiful! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. And blessed to be given such a fantastic opportunity to be in Dublin with a group of people who are so dedicated to the work they do in the Mercy hospitals, aged care centres and schools.

This coming week will be an opportunity to learn and grow.

About Judith Gardiner

I'm a pilgrim, a traveller, a tourist! I'm on a journey of life, and my life is like a rich and varied garden, with new growth, blooms and even some weeds which I keep trying to eradicate! I'd like people to read my blog and feel positive about life and the earth we share. The world is a place of good news stories and experiences we can share.
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