Spring is really in the air here in Brisbane. It is crisp in the mornings and warm during the day. It promises to be a long, hot summer. I’m not keen on summer, but it does mean time spent in the garden over winter will show signs of progress. I’ve seeded the grass in the hope that the patches where the weeds once were will sprout new shoots. I’ve been edging the garden and putting in some decorative features, and look forward to lazy afternoons enjoying a wine to refresh the spirits after a day’s work.

Work has been going well, and I continue to feel inspired by the story of Catherine McAuley and other sisters who worked for the poor and disadvantaged. I am constantly reminded of their generosity and hospitality, and hope to build that into my own lifestyle.

Today is my daughter’s 34th birthday. I am, like many women my age, amazed by how quickly time passes. Our lives seem but a heartbeat in the expanse of the timeless universe. My two daughters are beautiful and I am blessed with beautiful grandchildren.

I continue to renew my ideas about life, love and family as I grow older, hoping to become wiser in the process. My friends continue to support me on this journey!

About Judith Gardiner

I'm a pilgrim, a traveller, a tourist! I'm on a journey of life, and my life is like a rich and varied garden, with new growth, blooms and even some weeds which I keep trying to eradicate! I'd like people to read my blog and feel positive about life and the earth we share. The world is a place of good news stories and experiences we can share.
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