Deeper Down Things

I am reminded of a poem about observations, of the images and emotions they evoke.

“Is this what I am doing now?
Watching the currents, passages
of life around me.
I am not looking for books to explain
more with their words, but
listening to poets with their imagery, symbols, listening to my own feelings as I
continue my pilgrimage in this life,
pausing, watching, catching glimpses
of deeper down things.”

Robert Trabold, Watching the River Flow By: Selected Poems

Beautiful words indeed. The poet captures something special.

We all see life around us, but do we often observe it, taking the time to listen to the rhythms of the earth? Listen to the people? Listen to our own feelings, thoughts and the stirrings in our souls? It is often hard to go beyond our own rational self and touch the deeper down things that give our lives richness. Sometimes we are swept along in the currents of life and forget to explore our feelings, to make up phrases and images that describe our observations to ourselves. The poet helps us find those images, laying them out for us to ponder.

In my pilgrimage in this life I try to explore the deeper down things, listen to the movement of the Spirit in me and those around me, and occasionally write a poem to describe what I see, hear and feel. It can be both an emotional and intellectual exercise to find just the right combination of words.


About Judith Gardiner

I'm a pilgrim, a traveller, a tourist! I'm on a journey of life, and my life is like a rich and varied garden, with new growth, blooms and even some weeds which I keep trying to eradicate! I'd like people to read my blog and feel positive about life and the earth we share. The world is a place of good news stories and experiences we can share.
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