The main purpose of my blog is to share my perspectives on things as I travel. I like to ‘travel with intention’, not just the intention to have a good time, or a nice break or see good scenery, but to travel as a pilgrim. It has been said that a tourist is one who passes through the land, while a pilgrim is one who lets the land pass through them. Being in a place and letting the place seep into the psyche, the fibre of our being, and change us. Undertaking a pilgrimage is about returning, learning, journeying to the sacred sites of one’s tradition, often undertaken with friends or fellow pilgrims, seeking new insight and knowledge.

My blog will document some of my experiences and share photos with my readers. My travel is more than just sight seeing, or experiencing a new culture – though these are included.

My pilgrimage to Israel and Jordan, undertaken with others, was to learn and experience the history and culture as places important to the religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. This region, part of the ‘cradle of civilisation’ has fascinated me since childhood. This fascination led me to a career in teaching history, scripture and now, a study of theology.

My previous pilgrimage was to Ireland to experience the history of Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. It was a special and sacred time.

I live in Brisbane, Queensland Australia. I have three adult children and four grandchildren. My life is blessed.

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  1. Kathie Sadler says:

    Hi Judith

    Hope the trip over wasn’t too difficult. Look forward to hearing about your trip.


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